LBF has a long tradition in development of technologies and infrastructure in the field of tissue engineering, antimicrobial surfaces, biomedical and pharmaceutical applications, optimization of industrial materials and processes, and reasonable use of energy and building biophysics. 

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Currently, we are working in both on theoretical and practical scientific projects.

Our industrial based research efforts are focused on collaboration with Optotek, and Canon Inc.

For this project, we developed a demonstration of the new automatic focus correction concept for the new generation of smart ophthalmic systems.
Our Business Proposals
We are expanding and currently, we are looking for a new partners from industry. 
 Our current interests are focused on nano-technologies that could be used in medicine. See the dirrection of our thoughts.

NanoCure Concept & Challenges 
Recognizing the inhaled nanoparticles hazardous?

Join us to understand possible nanoparticle (NM) clearance and lung recovery!

Explore physical interactions between NM, surfactant and cell structures to recover exposed lung epithelium.

Artificial lung barrier development 

Curious about possible roots of chronic diseases and new ways to avoid them?

Join us in development of artificial lungs to search for possible triggers of inflammation! 

- Physiologically relevant cell barrier 
- High resolution molecular imaging 
- Identification of new toxic pathways 
- And how to avoid them 

New theranostic device 
Worried about degenerative eye disease?

Join us in development of the new adaptive theranostic device! 

- Better diagnostics 
- Improved & adaptive therapy 
- Deep tissue diagnostics 

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