2004-2007 Gorenje First antimicrobial (AB) nanomaterial produced in Slovenia 
2004-2013 Ekoprodukt, Vinprom Heat storage water-based tank prototype, pat. 
2005-2010 Hateceppe Univ., Turkey Sim. influence of antidepresives on membranes on GPU cluster 
2006-2008 Ministry of defence – CRP Selfcleaning mat. for AB surface prot. 
2008-2009 L'Oreall Pariz, France Det. of radicals in skin after app. of drug 
2008-2010 Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food – CRP AB nanocoatings for safe food processing 
2008-2011 Crestopt, Italy Modification of CARV for FMS 
2009-2010 Ekoprodukt Temp./hum. cont. installed in 3 passive houses 
2009-2010 Univ. Aix-Marseille, France Structure of measles virus protein switch 
2009-2011 Fac. for nat. sciences and math., UM EPR spectrometer installed 
2009-2012 Ekoprodukt Heat, humidity,mechan. stable cellulose build. block 
2010-2013 Panvita Stable nano-AB prot. tested under real cond. 
2011-2011 Fac. of mech. engin., UM System for T-cont. freezing/polymerization/ crosslinking 
2011-2012 Educell , UKC Ljubljana Optomehan. excited lens epitelial cells invest. 
2011- Fac. of mech. engin., UL Fluoresc.-based T detector to explore microbioling with resol. of 1m-10 K-100 ms 
2011- Juteks; Ekoten - Sun Holding, Turkey Polymer textiles with stable nanomaterial deposition 
2011- Educell , Animacell Protoype of gelatin scaffolds for cartilage repair 
2012- Arterion, Sweden Optim. T gradients in bact. prod. of cellulose 
2012- Domsjö Fabriker, Sweden, Educell Cellulose-gelatine composite prototype 
2012- CO NAMASTE Prototype of AB siphon 
2013-2014 Krka Demonstrator of contaminant detector in the production of semisolid medicine 
2014- Optotek, and Canon Inc. Modification of the FMS analysis to gain a possibility of detecting porous vessels (recently filed patent application - TRL 4). 
2016- Vitrocell GmbH Adaptation of their CLOUD system for aerosolization solution module for nebulization of the surfactants and their self-assembly in the in vitro lung model (TRL5 / 6). 
2017 BSH Nazarje Analyzis of the release of water-soluble substances, the preservation of antioxidative capacities and qualitative estimations of plant cell damage, providing the basis for optimizing the geometry of the blades and conditions of blending 
2017-2018 Radeče papir nova d.o.o. Development of advanced detection of protective elements in paper products, we have developed a demonstrator of the miniature optical detection system for smartphones (TRL 5) 
2018- Instrumentation Technologies Development of Raman spectrometer for industrial applications 
2017- Optotek, and Canon Inc. Demonstration of the new automatic focus correction concept (TRL 5) for the new generation of smart ophthalmic systems 

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