Our Vision
By indenpendent way of thinking beyond established paradigms we unravel new mechanisms of interacting materials and living biological systems. Employing creative problem solving we develop new expertise-driven solutions. 
Join us to understand the molecular world and create advanced concepts in medical diagnostics, therapy, and biotechnology.

Our Capacities
An interdisciplinary highly motivated and internationally established team with expertise in biophysics, biochemistry, molecular biology and engineering work in the recently renewed and fully equiped clean cell laboratory, chemical laboratory and in new modern optical facility with super-resolution microscopy/nanoscopy.

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Our Achievements
In the last 5 years, we gained several succesfull national and international project applications.

New long-term industrial collaborations have doubled the group annual budget (to 0.7 M€) and the number of researchers (from 6 to 13).

Together with the recent investment into new super-resolution facility (1.1 M€) this have already increased the impact of our work (journal IF, number of citations, number of patents/demonstrators/prototypes, new collaborations)

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Laboratory of Biophysics
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